Taking care of safety is part of the daily routines of every work community. It is important to have an emergency plan and the necessary measures in place before accidents really happen. In the revised emergency planning handbook, the Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK provides guidance on drafting an emergency plan and promoting preventive safety work in workplaces.

The guidelines are based on rescue legislation and can and should be applied according to the size of the company, institution or other work community, the quality of operations, and the different safety needs.

Safety work begins by surveying the dangers and risks associated with the operations and property. Only by identifying the dangers can one attempt to prevent them from happening. The actions in emergency situations must also be planned in advance and everyone must be able to act.

Accidents are often consequences of our own actions or the lack thereof. Hazardous situations can be best reduced and limited by changing attitudes and policies. Even a slight correction in a policy or change in attitudes can help to prevent a huge accident.

The handbook, produced by the Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK, was written by experts Ira Pasi, Mikael Huhtala, Ilpo Leino and Jarmo Majamaa.