Safety qualifications

Safety expertise is a necessity in many jobs

Hot work, First-Aid Fire Extinguishing, Road Safety 1 and 2, Health and Social Services and Tourism Safety Training provide important safety expertise. These trainings are organised by independent course leaders on behalf of their own training organisation. Currently the trainings are organised only in Finnish.

Hot Work Training

Hot work includes spark-inducing gas and arc welding, oxy-fuel and arc cutting, blade cutting, and metal grinding. These tasks require special safety expertise, which can be obtained from Hot Work Training.

First-Aid Fire Extinguishing

First-aid fire extinguishing is extinguishing an initial fire with a portable fire extinguisher or a fire blanket, for example. Effective first-aid fire extinguishing is a civic skill that may be needed at home, at a holiday home, at work, or in traffic.

Training for the Health and Social Services

The risk awareness of a staff and its ability to do the right thing in an emergency are an important part of the safety culture in every workplace. The training emphasises the employee’s role in risk prevention, and includes guidelines and checklists.

Tourism Safety Training

The training is intended for all those working in tourism, hospitality, sports and outdoor services, festivals, experience parks, and event organising. The objectives are to increase customers’ safety, prevent accidents and improve the quality of tourism services.