Housing safety materials

On this page you will find materials concerning housing safety in several languages Рsafe living is for everybody, regardless of language.

Home safety checklist

Home safety checklist is a good place to start. The safety checklist includes the most commonplace shortcomings in home safety and the actions needed to correct them. The checklist will help you to find the flaws, correct them and make your home safer. You will have improved fire safety and reduced the possibility of domestic accidents. 

The checklist is suitable for every home. You can also go through it in sections.  

Safety cards 

Safety cards include pictures and information about several safety topics. The cards are suitable for anyone interested in safety and security. 

The aim of the material is to provide an integral base of information on everyday security technologies and other products and practices that improve security.  

The safety cards consist of 50 cards. The pack contains five joker cards, 44 theme cards and a cover card. The joker cards provide more extensive safety and security information about the seasons, everyman’s right, mobility, and the impact of lifestyles and social safety nets on everyday safety.  

Fire safety in the home 

Fire safety in the home shows you with pictures how to improve fire safety at home. Topics include e.g. smoke alarm, electrical equipment and naked flames. It also demonstrates what to do in case of a fire. 

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