Safety actors in society as a whole

SPEK is an expert organisation for preparedness, accident prevention, and rescue. We do research and safety communications, provide training opportunities, and participate in social debate and societal discussion.

SPEK in a nutshell

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Vision: A safe and crisis-proof society in cooperation with our members

The aim of the SPEK is to establish a safe and crisis-proof society in which the capacity to manage incidents is based on cooperation between the public sector, civic society, and business sector. We act as an interface with our members and participate in the social debate happening on the field.

SPEK – To protect people, property, and the environment in the event of accidents and hazards

Housing safety

An important part of SPEK’s operations is the development of housing safety and everyday safety. Our aim is to reduce the number of accidents and limit the impact of incidents.

Workplace safety

SPEK also provides expert services and training for companies. We organise open courses as well as tailor-made training.

Internal safety – rescue volunteers

SPEK supports civil safety organisations and civil actors active in the emergency services sector. Everyone must have the opportunity to participate in civic activities that increase safety.