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Cooperation is the basis of safe living

Housing safety is always the result of cooperation, in which each party has a role to play. In a housing cooperative, for example, safe living depends on both the decisions made by the housing cooperative and the choices and activities of the residents.


  • Functional smoke detectors
  • First aid fire extinguishing equipment
  • Unobstructed exit routes
  • Safe use of stoves
  • Functional electrical equipment and installations
  • Other fire prevention

Emergency plan is the housing cooperative’s responsibility

In Finland, housing cooperatives must draw up an emergency plan if there are at least three dwellings in the residential building. The housing cooperative must inform the residents of the emergency plan.

Residents take care of the fire safety and preparedness of the home

As a resident, you are responsible for the safety details of your own home. Among the most important details are functional smoke detectors.

Housing safety for special groups affects every one else

Are you concerned about the safety of a loved one belonging in a special group? The safety of the elderly, those with memory-related diseases, and their carers may require support and special arrangements. In a housing cooperative, the safety arrangements for a resident who needs support are important for the safety of the other residents as well.