Pelastusalan toimijoita alan asuissa, mm. ensihoitaja, palomies, sukeltaja, kuvassa myös koira.

Volunteers provide valuable help

A vast number of volunteers operate in emergency services, helping accident victims and working in searching, rescuing, and protecting other people in need. Voluntary civil protection organisations guide, develop, and support volunteers’ activities. Civil protection organisations that maintain human or material resources available for emergency tasks are called preparedness organisations.

We are an important resource for society.

Fire brigades serve all over Finland

Fire brigades serve throughout Finland, including in remote areas. Fire brigades and their members are involved in building a safe society. Volunteer fire brigades and contract fire brigades make significant contributions to local safety culture as well as to the prevention of accidents and the reduction of damage caused by accidents.

We are all trained volunteers and assist the authorities in various rescue missions.

Air rescuers assisting the authorities

The Finnish Air Rescue Society (SLPS) supports the authorities in rescue work through voluntary flight rescue activities. SLPS directs rescue and fire operations and trains crews to assist the police in person searches, fire control flights and command flights for extinguishing forest fires.

Rescue dogs search for missing persons

Rescue dogs and their instructors are trained to search for missing persons with the help of the authorities, in various demanding conditions. Rescue dogs are trained in both search and trailing work. Both the Finnish Rescue Dog Association and the Service Dog Association develop rescue dog operations and promote the utilisation of dogs in search and rescue tasks.