According to a survey by the Finnish National Rescue Association, 41% of people under 25 took notice of the Fire Safety Week campaign held in Finland at the turn of November and December. One in five young adults in Finland said that they have taken action to improve safety in their home. The theme of this year’s campaign was fire safety for young adults moving out for the first time.

The media campaign for Fire Safety Week was visible on social media and TV, and social media played an important role in reaching young adults. The campaign reached 41 percent of young adults. One indicator of the campaign’s success was that 52 percent of 18-25-year-olds who saw the campaign took action to promote fire safety in their home.

The most common safety actions by young adults were checking the operation of fire alarms, replacing batteries or purchase an additional fire alarm, inspecting the condition of fire extinguishers and checking the level of fire safety in the home.

– This is a great result that shows that the impact of the Fire Safety Week can be considered excellent. The most important thing, of course, is that the safety of young adults’ homes has improved, says Juha Hassila, Communications Specialist at SPEK.

The survey also found that schools have been an important source of information on fire safety for young people. Both schools’ own teaching and visits by the fire department have remained in young people’s minds as experiences that improve safety skills. The majority of young people under the age of 25 also recalled the NouHätä! campaign coordinated by SPEK, which taught fire safety and accident prevention.

Last year, Fire Safety Week was also able to effectively reach the entire population, with 45 percent saying they had taken notice of the campaign. Among all respondents to the survey, 23 percent said they had taken steps to improve fire safety at home. This number was at a similar level to the year before. The survey was conducted by Aula Research.