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When there’s an emergency – you act first

12/13/2017 2:57 PM

In case of a fire, you are the first person to rescue yourself and others at risk. It takes minutes for the fire brigade to arrive meaining they are not there for the first crucial moments. Term ” you act first” also means that you can prevent fires. This was the message of 2017’s Fire Safety Week.

Last year 2 971 fires occurred in Finnish homes. 80 people lost their lives and there were substantial damages to property and people.

This year, Fire Safety Week focuses on close calls. A mother of a family, a student, a person who likes alcohol, a grandmother living on her own and an immigrant – they all have experienced a fire in their home. Almost everyone can relate to these situations; box of cereals on the stove top; electrical malfunction in a washing machine; burnt food after Christmas party when you fall asleep.

– As fires are mostly due to human activity, they can also be prevented. They key is to make people see the risks in everyday life and how to eliminate them, says Juha Hassila, Head of Information at The Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK.

Fire Safety Week is a theme week with diverse activities. The aim is to help people see which things in their life should be noticed for improved fire safety and to create easy-to-use tools for everyone.

– In terms of fire safety, kitchen is the weakest link of the house. For example, there are on average three stove top fires every day. If people kept an eye on their stoves and unnecessary, flammale items away from the stove top, a lot of trouble would be avoided. ”You act first” is thus very applicable in kitchens too, says Hassila.

This year, one of the new features of Fire Safety Week is Burn-O-meter (palometri) which is an interactive questionnaire on actions when fire breaks loose. Burn-O-meter includes easy checklists which can be used to improve fire safety in homes, housing companies, schools, daycares and offices.  

More information:
Head of Information Juha Hassila, tel. +358 40 758 7846