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Voluntary Fire Brigades Awarded at Finnish Security Awards

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10/11/2018 12:40 PM

Finnish voluntary fire brigade activities were awarded ”Volunteer of The Year 2018” at the Finnish Security Awards. The award is for every voluntary association and for each volunteer in these associations. The award was granted at the annual Finnish Security Awards gala, organised by Turvallisuus & Riskienhallinta Magazine.

Voluntary fire brigades participate in fire and rescue services according to contracts with their respective regional rescue service departments, hence the name contract fire brigades. These fire brigades participate in approximately 60 % of fire and rescue services’ alarm missions, that is almost 200 missions every day.

In addition to daily missions, the role of contract fire brigades increases in wide and long-term disasters, as this year’s forest fires and recent years’ storms demonstrate.

Fire brigades also provide education for future fire fighters, professional and voluntary, as well as for safety-informed and skilled citizens in general. 500 fire brigades also provide volunteer fire brigade youth work which is one of the oldest forms of youth work in Finland.

Female volunteers are trained and skilled experts in fire safety and fire brigade activities. Veterans in fire brigades have often long careers in fire brigade activities and vast amount of experiences to give to their communities. Female volunteers and veterans give their own input through safety communication and training.

Fire brigades provide training for residents in their area, including first aid extinguishing training and safety infomercial events. Fire brigades also organise annual A Day at The Fire Station events in which every year around 100 000 people develop their own safety skills.

More information:

  • Local fire brigades
  • General information about voluntary fire brigades: Director of Fire Brigade Services
  • Petri Jaatinen tel. +358 400 535 441 email: firstname.lastname@spek.fi