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Hot work licence is taking over Europe

7/4/2017 3:07 PM

Hot work licence is continuing to grow. The safety training concept has been taken to Slovenia with first Slovenian trainers qualified to train people with the Finnish system.

SPEK’s partner in Slovenia is SZPV - Slovenian Fire Protection Association. The Association is responsible of the teaching in Slovenia by using the Finnish concept and materials.

Trainer Raimo Rasijeff from The Finnish Association of Fire Officers was in charge of the training of Slovenian course managers.

During the intensive two days, the trainees learnt about the terminology of hot work, risks involved in hot work, safety measures before, during and after hot work, practical training such as first aid extinguishing and the actual course material.

Training was conducted in English but the materials are being translated in Slovenian.

–  Getting the training in your own language makes learning easier and thus also benefits hot work safety. At the same time, we are promoting free movement of labour force and easing the pressure of safety trainings in countries where the work force is moving to, states Heli Hätönen, Head of Training at SPEK.

Part of SPEK’s core mission is to learn about fire safe procedures and pass them on to other actors. In Finland, course managers manage the courses independently. For SPEK, trusting course managers, managing the course manager database and performing quality control on courses are key factors in Finland and internationally.

– Thanks to long cooperation in CFPA-E (The Confederation of Fire Protection Associations Europe), SZPV’s procedures are well-known to us and have proven to be trustworthy, says Hätönen.

–  We wanted to assist Slovenian Fire Protection Association in the implementation of this training concept and on the creation of their own concept. This was made possible by the active work done in Slovenia, particularly by the General Secretary Mateja Gris.

International safety work

The history of hot work has been international for quite a while.

Hot work safety training has been developed in cooperation with Nordic fire prevention associations.

A hot work licence issued in Finland is valid in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, and correspondingly, a licence issued in any of these countries is also accepted in Finland. There are also trainers in Estonia and training is offered in various languages in Finland as well as abroad.

For SPEK, working with international colleagues with hot work has been successful through the cooperation within Confederation of Fire Protection Associations in Europe, CFPA-E. SPEK is in charge with the hot work training program in CFPA-E which has inspired countries like Spain and Great Britain to create their own training concepts. In addition, VdS in Germany has offered training within the Swedish system.

However, all parties involved in hot work must be familiar with and follow the regulations and instructions of the country in which they work.

Long history of fire prevention

In Finland, hot work safety training has been offered since 1988, and consequently the number of accidents and fires caused by hot work is now only a fraction of what it was before 1988.

This is the result of the systematic training activities that SPEK has been developing in collaboration with other organisations and authorities as well as of the development of alternative working methods.  

Hot work safety guidelines of the insurance sector oblige that both the operator and the issuer of the permit have a valid licence. The card is valid for five years. Renewing the card always requires update training.

As a result, hot work training and hot work training relating to roofing and waterproofing have been completed more than 1,5 million times – but more is yet to come.

–  We want to continue to develop the concept and make sure we can guarantee its quality. In the future, trends like e-learning will become more prominent also in hot work, visions Hätönen.

Additional information:
Head of Training, Heli Hätönen
heli.hatonen@spek.fi, +358 40 484 3822