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Fire brigade services – Safeguarding your future

Fire brigades prevent accidents, put out fires, rescue victims and promote emergency planning. Our fire brigade services work to promote continuity in the life of voluntary fire brigades by developing new operational models, supporting fire brigades and preserving our precious fire brigade culture.

The great challenge of fire brigade services is to maintain interest in voluntary fire brigades and to build up a sufficient supply of motivated volunteers in all parts of the country. This is why our fire brigade services department plans and arranges volunteer fire brigade events ranging from formal fire brigade meetings to more entertaining events that build team spirit.

Volunteer fire fighters play in marching bands, arrange competitions and participate in various sports and international events. Volunteer fire brigade activities are teamwork, and the team spirit is maintained all the way to veteran years.

Contact Information
Director of Fire Brigade Services
Petri Jaatinen 
Tel: +358 400 535 441