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Self-preparedness – safety in all situations in our daily lives and at home

Self-preparedness means prevention of dangerous situations and a capacity to protect people, property and the environment in any given dangerous situation. Good preparedness should prevent dangerous situations, take into account any irregularities in normal conditions and prepare people for any emergency conditions.

Everyone can be prepared against any accidents and dangerous situations in their home. The following is a list of things you may ask yourself:

  • What kind of dangerous situations may occur in my home?
  • How could they be prevented?
  • How do I get out of my home if there is a fire?
  • Do you know how to give first aid?

Emergency plan

A written emergency plan is required in properties containing at least three flats. An emergency plan is a summary of the housing corporation's security arrangements, containing instructions in case of accidents. An emergency plan is made specifically with the residents' safety in mind – it is not made for the authorities.

Training of persons in charge of building safety

Should the emergency plan be updated? Is there a plan at all? Can you take care of your own safety and act in the interest of yourself and your neighbours? You can get to a good start with safety training provided by the Finnish National Rescue Association. This training is aimed at volunteers in charge of safety in residential buildings, for Board and resident committee members, property managers and real estate managers. So far these courses are only provided in Finnish. online service

The website provides instructions on how to prevent accidents and what to do in dangerous situations. 

The site will also provide tips on improving fire and road safety and on crime prevention. The instructions are very clear and written with all population groups in mind.

The site is being developed jointly by safety field experts. Go to (website only in Finnish).

Village safety – safe countryside

Village safety is community-oriented safety work for the countryside and urban villages. The objective with village safety is to boost the residents' self-preparedness in case of various eventualities, such as power cuts, accidents and fires.
Being able to take the initiative is particularly important in sparsely populated rural areas owing to the longer distances as it may take a long time for rescue services to arrive. Therefore preparedness in villages is important, and information on measures that improve safety must be made available.
If you are interested in practical measures to take to increase preparedness in villages, go to www.kylä (website only in Finnish).

72 hours - could you cope on your own?

The 72h concept is designed to meet the preparedness requirements of urban citizens. Households are the basic units of preparedness; responsibly seeing to one’s own safety skills, fire safety at home and having a home emergency preparedness kit makes it easier to cope with everyday life.
The concept steers people to set up a 72h preparedness kit: three days is the period of time universally recognised by the authorities and rescue organisations where self-preparedness can dramatically assist the authorities’ relief effort.
Want to know more? Visit (website also in English).

Home Emergengy Supply Kit

Could you cope on your own?


Read more: Home Emergency Supply Kit.pdf