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Protect your home from fire

Get enough smoke alarms for your home and check them regularly

SPEK recommends that a smoke alarm be placed in all bedrooms and the hall. Above the ground floor, you should have a smoke alarm not only in the bedrooms but also at the top of the stairs. The minimum requirement, however, is one smoke alarm per 60 square metres.

Make sure the battery is charged. Test the smoke alarms monthly by pressing the test button.

Know your way to safety – plan the escape routes properly

Everyone must know the exit routes in case of fire. If the fire is not blocking your route, you can go out the normal route. However, if this is not possible, everyone must know the alternative escape routes.

Remember that there must not be any obstacles on the escape routes, because you only have two to three minutes to get out. Make sure to agree where you meet once you are outside. This way you can ensure that everyone is safe.

Have fire extinguishers readily available and learn how to use them

Get enough fire blankets and hand-held extinguishers. Place them somewhere where they are easy to get and also learn how to use them. If a fire has just started, extinguish it, but do not put yourself in danger.