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Fire prevention

One of the commonest causes of fires are defective electrical appliances or their careless use. There are almost a thousand fires a year caused by electrical appliances, and most of them can be prevented.

Fires caused by matches, lighters etc. are also alarmingly high in the annual statistics. It is the parents' responsibility to keep matches and lighters out of reach of children. Children must be told that they are only for adults, and you always need an adult's permission to make a fire. Children should also be shown safe fire handling.

Prevent ten of the commonest causes of fire

  • Have a defective machine or broken wire repaired by a professional, do not try to fix it yourself.
  • Keep matches and lighters away from children, preferably under lock and key.
  • Never leave food on the cooker unattended.
  • Do not smoke indoors. You may fall asleep the the cigarette may easily start a fire.
  • Make sure that there is enough space around fireplaces. Do not dry your laundry in the sauna.
  • Place lamps and any other electrical appliances that become hot in a place where they do not pose a fire hazard. Place hot or warm ashes only in a non-inflammable container.
  • Use a protective net or hatch to prevent sparks from flying out of the fireplace.
  • Use a fireplace according to its instructions. Have the fireplace and flue swept regularly.
  • Think carefully where you leave candles and always put them out if you are the last person to leave the room.