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SPEK´S Networks

Being the national central organisation, SPEK has a vast network of partners and stakeholder in which it works to promote societal safety and safety of individuals.

SPEK is a part of the Voluntary Rescue Service (Vapepa), a collaborative network of 50 associate organisations. Through Vapepa the volunteer readiness teams carry out diverse search and rescue tasks and provide material and other assistance in sudden accidents. The role of SPEK in the voluntary rescue services is to disseminate information on current topics in the field and to advance the usability of the third sector as part of the rescue activities.

Furthermore, cooperation among rescue organisations in recent years has been improved in a collaborative group which includes the Finnish Red Cross, the Finnish Lifeboat Institution, the Finnish Air Rescue Society, the Finnish Search and Rescue Dog Association and the Finnish Working Dog Association. The goal of the network is to foster open interaction and promote themes shared by all of its associate organizations, such as better preparedness against threats and risks to society.

As regards the activities of organizations, natural disaster preparedness is noticeable, among other things, in supporting working dog action. In recent years SPEK has supported avalanche rescue training in Finland, an element of wintertime rescue activities.

Since 2012 SPEK, as part of the national network, has participated in the preparation and implementation of the national action programme for natural disaster reduction and mitigation. The network comprises the authorities and representatives of the third sector.