SPEK’s history - Over 100 Years of Heritage and Tradition

 In Finland, as population and the number of cities grew, the number of fires increased as well. Turku, our ancient capital in the South-West part of Finland is an excellent example of a city which has survived several fires. In 1827 over 2 500 buildings were destroyed in one of the largest fires at the time. This sparkled a movement which turned into the first fire brigade in Finland in 1838, Voluntary Fire Brigade of Turku (Turun Vapaaehtoinen Palokunta). Since then, several voluntary fire brigades (called VPKs) were formed.

Year 1906 is particularly significant to the Finnish organizational activities in the field of fire, rescue and civil protection as it was the year when Public Fire Brigade Union, the first association in the firefighting field, was established. The Finnish Fire Prevention Association was established in 1922 and in 1968 these two emerged into one forming the Finnish Fire Protection Association. The first civil defence organisation in Finland, Gas Defence Association of Finland, was established in 1927. In 1993 these two came together as SPEK was founded, continuing the operations of both organisations.