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Materials - Guidebooks and brochures

SPEK has published guidebooks and other training material so as to improve the safety skills of citizens and to facilitate rescue contingency planning. They act as practical tools in preparing residential emergency plans. The training material also includes instructions for flood risk preparedness as well as dealing with disruptions in infrastructure caused by storms or other extreme weather phenomena. The material is freely available in print and on the Internet.

Our brochures focus on fire safety and individual emergency planning. They are miniature safety manuals for concerned citizens. These materials are in Finnish or in Swedish and you can find them in our online store.

Here are some examples of our materials in English:

Voluntary civil protection in Finland.pdf

Deliberately set fires.pdf

Voluntary civil protection organizations.pdf

Rural community safety.pdf

Public safety and security services.pdf

Fire Safety in the Home - Brochure for Immigrants (link)

Research study: Finns concerned about growing inequality between citizens.pdf

SPEK Strategy and SPEK Group's Operational and Financial Plan 2016–2020.pdf