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The safety card – a safety training certificate

The number of fires caused by hot work accidents has seen a significant decrease since the previous century. This is the result of the systematic training activities that SPEK has been developing in collaboration with other organisations and authorities. Many tasks require good safety skills, an understanding of the risks entailed by the work and knowledge how they can be prevented.

Hot work licence is a certificate of successful completion of hot work training. The card is valid for five years. Renewing the card always requires update training.

Road safety training, the safety card training programme for social and health care workers and the safety passport training programme for the travel industry have all been developed using the hot work card system as a model. SPEK maintains a register of courses available.
Contact Information
Head of Training
Riitta Piironen
Tel:  +358 9 4761 1332 or +358 40 5040 905

Head of Training
Heli Hätönen
Tel: +358 9 4761 1333 or +358 40 484 3822

Safety and Security Expert
Jari Pouta
Tel: +358 9 4761 1359 or +358 40 733 0797 

Milja Löyttyniemi
Tel: +358 9 4761 1337