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Research and development

During the past three years SPEK has systematically developed R&D associated with preparedness and civil defence. A special point of interest involves the preparedness of civil society, including its associated needs and capabilities. Examples of related studies include a report from the region of Southern Savo on how small and micro-enterprises coped with the consequences of storm ‘Asta’, and a questionnaire directed to volunteers in preparedness organisations regarding their participation in the management of disturbances.

SPEK has also researched the availability of volunteers and their usability within the tasks of rescue services. The goal of the project was to establish the scope of participation in alarms as regards volunteers in rescue readiness organisations and contract fire brigades. The project also charted overlapping membership of volunteers in one or more organisations: in other words it analysed possible duplication in the organisations’ resources. Furthermore, the project outlined work or family commitments, and assessed the volunteers’ qualifications for participating in rescue or support tasks. The results of this study which were published at the end of 2014 can also be used for disaster preparedness and its associated decision-making.

You can find info sheets about our projects and research from Materials/what we do -section.