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International activities

SPEK is actively involved in various international organizations and activities throughout the world.

SPEK is a member in the National Committee of Finland of CTIF (Comité Technique International de Prevention et d´Extinction du Feu) which authorizes SPEK to coordinate CTIF activities in Finland and manage the financial administration on its behalf. CTIF is an international fire and rescue competency and information network, representing five million fire fighters who protect a population of one billion people every day. It organizes international competitions every two years which are attended by more than 3.000 fire fighters and youth fire brigades from around the world. CTIF also contributes to the development of youth fire brigades and it publishes world fire statistics.

SPEK is also part of the Confederation of Fire Protection Associations (CFPA-Europe and CFPA-International). CFPA-Europe is an association of national organizations in Europe concerned primarily with fire prevention & protection and also safety & security and other associated risks. CFPA-E produces training, guidelines, education standards, arson prevention material and conferences. It also publishes newsletters and recommendations on European level.

SPEK is a founding member of the European Voluntary Civil Protection Forum (EVCPF) which was established in 2011. The aim of EVCPF is to organize the exchange of experiences related to the implementation of voluntary civil protection tasks connecting to the preparation for and management of disasters and to the reduction of the consequences.

For SPEK, Nordic cooperation is of particular importance as civil society is an important part of all Nordic countries and cooperation within this group promotes further SPEK’s aims of safer citizens in a safer society.

In terms of preparedness and civil protection, Nordic civil protection associations promote the participation of citizens in creating safety in societies, exchange information and good practices and follow the development of Haga II declaration. SPEK’s partners are Civilförsvarförbundet from Sweden, Beredskabsforbund from Denmark, and FORF from Norway. In addition, ICE-SAR from Iceland is joining the cooperation.

In accident prevention Nordic cooperation is all about concrete actions like hot work license which is a joint Nordic effort. The license is valid in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark and there are approximately 1 million people in the Nordic with a valid hot work license. In addition, Nordic countries share materials and promote cooperation in international umbrella organizations.

SPEK is also strongly involved in Nordic research and development. SPEK is a vice-member in the board of Brandforsk, The Swedish Fire Research Board, which is the joint agency of the Swedish goverment, local authorities, insurance companies and industry. Its brief is to initiate, fund and follow up various types of fire research. The work is under the leadership of the board of directors, and is undertaken in the form of projects at universities, institutes of technology, research organisations, goverment agencies and industrial enterprises. The Secretariat of Brandforsk shares the premises of the Swedish Fire Protection Association, SFPA, which is also the principal organization as well as the legal partner in contracts with the government. In addition, SPEK works with Danish DBI (The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology) which is a knowledge center in the field of fire safety and security.

SPEK is also involved in Nordic cooperation in campaigns and safety communication.