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  • SPEK's projects well-received at Civil Protection Forum 2018

    5/25/2018 IMG_-xfq0bh.jpg

    SPEK participated in the European Commission's Civil Protection Forum in Brussels in March with an exhibition stand and presentations of three different community safety projects.

  • NouHätä! champions 2018 come from Alajärvi

    5/25/2018 NouHätä!_aluekilpailut.jpg

    Antton Maunuksela, Olga Ranta and Hanna-Kaisa Rentola from Alajärvi secondary school, Southern Ostrobothnia, are NouHätä! champions 2018. In a tight race, Lyseonmäki school from Heinola came second and the bronze was snatched by Riihenmäki school from Mäntsälä.

  • Project for fire brigades vitality kicks off

    5/25/2018 VPK_uutinen.jpg

    The Fire Protection Fund has granted funding for SPEK’s project which aims to maintain and develop viable, attatractive and high quality operation of fire brigades. Four regional rescue departments will implement the project as pilot regions.

  • Community resilience tested in rural Kainuu

    5/25/2018 Kainuu.jpg

    At the turn of the year 2017-2018 in rural area of Kainuu, heavy snowfall caused vast power outages as trees to fall over powerlines. As a result, approximately 6 000 households were without power supply, some for up to five days. Kainuu is a sparsely populated region and power network in the area is around 10 000 kilometers long, in rough terrain, which made repairing time-consuming.

  • When there’s an emergency – you act first

    12/13/2017 paloturvallisuusviikko.JPG

    In case of a fire, you are the first person to rescue yourself and others at risk. It takes minutes for the fire brigade to arrive meaining they are not there for the first crucial moments. Term ” you act first” also means that you can prevent fires. This was the message of 2017’s Fire Safety Week.

  • Negations are emphasized in the safety of people with memory diseases

    11/30/2017 i_222702_1434657_612243_204.jpg

    Preparedness for reduced functional ability and dangerous situations caused by memory diseases is not up to scratch. In this kind of risk management, negations and limitations are emphasized, for example limiting cooking or the possibility to be outside or enforcing a driving ban. Permissive technical and digital aides and solutions which enable active participation are still quite rare. These are the results of a research conducted by The Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK.

  • Peer support and networking key topics in fire brigades’ study days


    Over 100 actors from different fire brigades gathered in Tampere in September to participate in fire brigades’ study days.

  • Fire research needed to support fire safety

    11/30/2017 matti ja riitta.jpg

    Fire Research Panel (Palotutkimusraati) organized the 10th Fire Research Days in August in Espoo, Finland. The aim of the seminar was to showcase latest developments and achievements in fire research.

  • Heli Hätönen elected as vice-chair of CFPA-E’s Training Commission

    11/30/2017 CFPA-E.axd.jpg

    SPEK’s Head of Training, Mrs Heli Hätönen, has been elected as the vice-chair of CFPA-E’s Training Commission.

  • Hot work licence is taking over Europe


    Hot work licence is continuing to grow. The safety training concept has been taken to Slovenia with first Slovenian trainers qualified to train people with the Finnish system.

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