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  • A new MATTI risk assessment model will be created to support regional preparedness

    4/1/2019 Matti-kuva.jpg

    The MATTI risk assessment model is being created to monitor changes in the security environment. It will support regional security planning and preparedness for disruptions and emergencies. Regional indicators will be used in monitoring that will help identify the root causes of security risks and the phenomena that signal heightened risk levels. The indicators will also be used to anticipate different disruptions and emergencies. Such indicators include, among other things, demographic conditions, wellness indicators, social inclusion and equality as well as security barometers. The project is being implemented in concert with the authorities, organisations and the business community and is financed by the Prime Minister’s Office.

  • SPEK one of the receivers of "Timanttiteko 2018" award


    The Security Committee has granted its 2018 Timanttiteko (Diamond Act) award to the group in charge of implementing the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan for 2022. The award was presented on 21 March 2019 at the Erve Forum, an annual cooperation event for security professionals organised by the State Security Networks Group.

  • NouHätä! campaign breaks a new record: 555 schools participating

    3/19/2019 NouHätä_pieni.jpg

    This school year’s NouHätä! rescue skills campaign is in full swing. Thirty new schools have joined in to make an all-time high of 555. Safety instructors from rescue departments teach eighth-graders how to prevent accidents and survive hazardous situations.

  • First-aid extinguishing is also an Environmental Achievement

    2/21/2019 Sport_alkusammutus2.jpg

    First-aid extinguishing saves lives and property. Last year fire brigades were dispatched to 5414 building fires, 20 per cent of which were put out with first-aid extinguishing. Eleven per cent of building fires were curbed by first-aid extinguishing. First-aid extinguishing can also be seen as an environmental achievement because it prevented 1,400 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions being released into the atmosphere.

  • Compatibility of fire safety systems is important part of safety

    2/12/2019 shutterstock_255497461.jpg

    Fire prevention technology may significantly improve the fire safety of buildings. There are many great equipment configurations that communicate with each other. It is also important for the operation and maintenance of fire safety systems that the users and maintenance personnel are competent. Specialists in fire prevention technology remind us that the equipment needs to be compatible and that it requires regular maintenance to maintain safety.

  • Contract Firefighters Not Overstressed by Summer’s Wildfires

    1/11/2019 Nuotio.png

    While contract brigade firefighters put in long days extinguishing wildfires this past summer, they nonetheless considered the stress level reasonable. However, all regions did not have the lighter equipment, more suitable for wildfires. A survey by the Finnish National Rescue Association also addressed the ease of co-operation and the level of tactical management.

  • Multiple safety deficiencies in public properties

    12/12/2018 Paloilmoitin2.jpg

    This year, situational awareness from various viewpoints was the main topic of Fire Safety Days. Several presentations emphasized its importance especially in accidents. The fire in Huntsman factory in Pori a couple of years ago silenced the audience because of its magnitude and also because fire extinguishing was so efficient in practise.

  • Five ways to improve the safety and security of special groups

    12/11/2018 Puuhalehti.jpg

    There are five clever ways to improve the safety and security of special groups. The most important one can by crystallised into the following few words: “Safety is a shared responsibility”. This shared responsibility is not only limited to one’s nearest and dearest. Rather, it also extends to neighbours, the housing association, care personnel, the municipality and the entire society.

  • Cookers occupy the top position in electrical appliance fire statistics

    12/11/2018 palanut_liesi.jpg

    When it comes to household fires associated with electrical appliances, the number one culprit is well known. It appears that cookers clearly occupy the top position in fire statistics, followed by sauna stoves, washing machines and light fixtures. The statistics, however, don’t tell the whole truth. The greatest risk factor is the human using the electrical device. Using electrical appliances in a safe manner is the central theme of this year's Fire Safety Week.

  • Homes have too few functioning smoke alarms

    12/11/2018 palovaroitin mökki.jpg

    The purpose of smoke alarms is to make people aware of emerging fires so that people can be saved and extinguishing can be started. In response to polls, almost everyone says that they have a sufficient number of functioning smoke alarms at home. However, according to emergency services statistics, 60 per cent of dwellings that experienced fires were not fitted with smoke alarms at all or they did not function. The 1st of December is the Nordic Smoke Alarm Day. This is a good day to replace old smoke alarms or change the batteries in newer ones.

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