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  • Hot work licence is taking over Europe


    Hot work licence is continuing to grow. The safety training concept has been taken to Slovenia with first Slovenian trainers qualified to train people with the Finnish system.

  • Emergency planning has improved the safety of residential buildings


    Nearly 70 % of respondents see that emergency planning has improved the safety of residential buildings and homeowners’ associations, according to a survey conducted by The Finnish National Rescue Association. With emergency planning, residents have received information on safety issues and improvements have been made to safety signals, lighting and safety exists.

  • Marginalisation brings insecurity, study shows

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    According to a study conducted by The Finnish National Rescue Association, marginalisation and social exclusion are seen as the most significant factors of insecurity. The biggest threat to the Finnish society, according to the respondents, is prolonged economic recession.

  • Could you cope on your own? 72h trainings kickstarted in Finland

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    As of spring of 2017, The Finnish National Rescue Association (SPEK) has trained 72h preparedness instructors, who are taught to organise short training events, lasting a couple of hours, in communities eager to receive lessons in urban preparedness.

  • SPEK’s research projects deal with state of societal security, intelligent fire safety for disabled people and much more


    SPEK is involved in a number of interesting projects this year. From societal security to participatory safety for vulnerable groups and even further to the vulnerability of critical infrastructure and operational ability of authorities, SPEK aims to make sure the society works in favor of the individual during good and bad times.

  • Helping others and supporting the community crucial motivational factors for voluntary fire brigades


    Participation in fire brigade activities stems from volunteering and related motivational factors, a study conducted by SPEK reveals. Fire brigades with a strong social capital and active association membership are more likely to meet the requirements specified in contracts with rescue department.

  • Village safety in Finland enhanced through training


    When fire and rescue services are unable to arrive at an emergency fast enough, the ability of villagers to act in those situations is crucial. Our Safe Village -training brings safety information and more vitality to villages all over Finland. Supported by the Fire Protection Fund, SPEK has overseen the training of instructors in cooperation with local actors and rescue departments.

  • SPEK Participates in Celebrating Finland’s 100 Years of Independence


    Finland celebrates its 100 years of independence in 2017. With a year full of thematic events, Finnish fire and rescue field is doing its part in the celebration and promoting significant issues during this festive year. SPEK is also involved in these activities.

  • Fire brigades discontinued due to staff shortage


    Professionalisation is a challenge to volunteering-based fire brigade activities.

  • Northern News 2/2016


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