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Our national campaigns reach large numbers of citizens and safety campaigns are examples of SPEK’s services that improve the safety skills of people and communities. Safety communication increases the preparedness for risk assessment and accident prevention, thereby improving the abilities to cope with an emergency. 

Fire Safety Week

The aim of the Fire Safety Week is to improve the fire sadety of the whole country. In 2014 the week started on November 22nd with A Day at the Fire Station – event and ended on December 1st with the Nordic Fire Alarm Day. In 2014 the campaign introduced an app which guides the user through their own fire safety drill. It also reminds the user to check the functioning of their fire alarm on a monthly basis.

Nou Hätä!

SPEK’s best known safety campaign is the ‘Nou Hätä!’ (No Worries) rescue skills competition, intended for 8th graders. It includes few hours of teaching about safety issues after which a class or a group of students can form teams and participate in the competition. In 2015 the theme of the campaign is “Spot the Exit (sign)”.

Preventing residential accidents

The aim of the campaign is to prevent accident which happen at home. For over two decades this campaign has promoted the safety of citizens at home be providing material for both large audiences and people who can promote safety in their work.

Accident Day

Accident day occurs annually on Friday the 13th. The aim of the campaign is to increase the awareness regarding accident and their prevention.