• Voluntary fire fighters are safeguarding your future

    Voluntary fire fighters are safeguarding your future

    Voluntary fire fighters need constant development. Voluntary fire fighters prevent accidents, put out fires, rescue victims and promote emergency planning. They need many skills that enable them to carry out rescue missions quickly, safely and with minimum damage to property.

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  • Hot work licence is a safety training certificate

    Hot work licence is a safety training certificate

    The number of fires caused by hot work accidents has seen a significant decrease since the previous century. This is the result of the systematic training activities.

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The Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK is a national, non-profit expert organisation in fire and rescue services, individual emergency planning and civil protection. SPEK works actively to improve the safety of our homes and our society in everyday life and in emergency conditions.

SPEK’s goal is a safe society. The objective of our work is to help people and organisations to prevent accidents and dangerous situations, to take the appropriate precautionary measures and to know what to do in emergencies.

We promote protection of people, property and the environment from the risks caused by accidents and disasters. SPEK also develops the fire and rescue field, preparedness and civil defence.

Current affairs
  • A new MATTI risk assessment model will be created to support regional preparedness

    4/1/2019 Matti-kuva.jpg

    The MATTI risk assessment model is being created to monitor changes in the security environment. It will support regional security planning and preparedness for disruptions and emergencies. Regional indicators will be used in monitoring that will help identify the root causes of security risks and the phenomena that signal heightened risk levels. The indicators will also be used to anticipate different disruptions and emergencies. Such indicators include, among other things, demographic conditions, wellness indicators, social inclusion and equality as well as security barometers. The project is being implemented in concert with the authorities, organisations and the business community and is financed by the Prime Minister’s Office.